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Citrine Quartz Candle Point

**$337.00** Stunning Citrine Generator Point! And wow! There is so much happening in this captivating Crystal. After all, Citrine energy is like the ... more info

Model: MPOL244
$337.00 USD
In Stock: 1

Citrine Quartz Heart

**$196.00** Beautifully-Carved Citrine Cluster! Pretty, mid-colored Citrine crystals grace the topside of this heart-shaped, natural geode piece from ... more info

Model: MC432
$196.00 USD
In Stock: 1

Fluorite Cluster

**$180.00** This Deep Purple Fluorite will amaze you! First, it's the color that will magnetize you. Dark and intense, this deep-flowing river of ... more info

Model: MC448
$180.00 USD
In Stock: 1

Scepter Cactus Quartz Cluster

**$380.00** AKA Spirit Quartz, this superior Cactus Quartz Cluster is without a doubt one of the finest specimens of its size that I've run across in ... more info

Model: MC401
$380.00 USD
In Stock: 1