Quartz Clusters: SM-MED

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Mini-Quartz Cluster w/DTs

**$31.00** Cute and Sweet! Here's a little mini that speaks volumes! If you love Double-Terminated points, then you can't miss with this lovely little cluster that sports two substantial Companion crystals, both DTs , and a third tiny crosswise DT . As you can see, this is a "mini" with the ... more info

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Tabular Quartz on Mica

These Clear Quartz Crystals are ALL Tabbies! Exactly how they formed amidst this field of Mica is a mystery; but this one-of-a-kind piece is certainly reminiscent to me of a beach-combing treasure! The large Clear Quartz Crystal in front is a fabulous, flat Tabular Point with even a splash of ... more info

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Titanium Quartz Cluster w/Stand

Behold this strikingly attractive Titanium Quartz Cluster, aka Flame Aura Quartz! It all began with a Clear Quartz Cluster. After undergoing a Titanium fusion treatment - voila! This Quartz Cluster (already a special configuration in its own right) was transformed into the stunningly colorful ... more info

$160.00 USD

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