Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

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Long Clear Quartz Cluster on Matrix

Looking for a Quartz Cluster that is beyond the norm? Well, here it is! Long and lanky, this 12 lb. Clear Quartz is not your average configuration! Some may refer to this most unique piece as a Burr , that coveted Cluster shape that is saturated in crystals on every surface . And this striking ... more info

$410.00 USD

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XL Clear Quartz Recordkeeper Patio Cluster

An Awesomely Large Clear Quartz Point is the definite focal point of this massive cluster from Brazil -- and it is a Recordkeeper Crystal, too (see photo of etched triangle on face facet and Crystal Glossary under Product Info category for explanation). For the purists out there, this is a natural ... more info

$445.00 USD

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Clear Quartz Golden Healer Cluster

**$479.00** Spectacular Large Quartz Crystals stretch skyward in this amazing configuration of 100% no-matrix Rock Quartz Points and other great crystalline features! Highly transparent crystals contain just enough interior interest to add depth of character, while still maintaining their ... more info

$479.00 USD

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Clear Quartz Tall Point Time-Link Cluster w/Stand

Behold this magnificent Tall Crystal in its totality, pure Clear Quartz from tip to tail. In fact, this entire community of Crystals is all Quartz, with no matrix rock whatsoever. In certain light, you can catch a pretty greenish tint, and there are even hints of rust-colored iron on the base. A ... more info

$520.00 USD

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XLarge Clear Quartz Cluster w/Barite Crystals

Snow-White Quartz and Perfect Barite Crystals - WOW! You will have to search long and hard to find another natural specimen of this type and quality, so pay special attention to this incredible find! For starters, you will love this unusual shape: elongated, with a rather wavy base of very thin ... more info

$630.00 USD

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