Quartz Clusters: MED-LG

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**SOLD**Clear Quartz Tall Point Golden Healer Cluster

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Aka Golden Quartz, this attractive Cluster has so many positives going on, it is simply amazing. What could be more impressive than a singular Quartz Point standing tall among a cheering crowd of Quartz friends? Higher clarity is key here, as well as -- oh yes -- that ... more info

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Clear Quartz Cluster on Frosty Base

A Beautiful High-Clarity Point is the centerpiece of this hunky Cluster that rests on a frosty Quartz base . Smaller crystals adorn the top, and can even be seen embedded in the sides of the opaque base! Bits of Iron Oxide and other matrix rock add a splash of interest and color, while the wispy ... more info

$59.00 USD

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Clear Quartz High Clarity Cluster

Super High Clarity defines this Large, Gorgeous Quartz Point , the amazing centerpiece crystal of this eye-stopping, 100%, no-matrix Quartz Cluster from Brazil. Besides being absolutely magnificent, this piece is configured into the coveted starburst-type shape for perfect display situating and ... more info

$143.00 USD

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Rose Quartz Pair

**$89.00** Double the Love with this Rose Quartz Duo! Dark and pastel pinks, bits of iron oxide, plus strains of White Quartz decorate these lovely -- and loving -- gemrocks from Brazil. Both high-quality specimens are super clean, pristine, and shine with a beautiful glass-like radiance. And ... more info

$89.00 USD

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