Gem Carvings & Vases

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Sodalite Vase

Stately Royal Blue! This distinctive Sodalite Vase amply shows off, in shades of beautiful royal blue, its natural rock exterior and trademark white veins that wind around throughout. A 2 3/8" cylindrical opening was drilled into the core, creating a spot to display flowers (fresh or silk), plants, ... more info

$80.00 USD

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Stone Vase Set

Add a Touch of Elegance with this Classic Duo! Reportedly from a lake bottom, this agatized stone is expertly carved and polished to a high sheen, showcasing the swirling gray, charcoal and black vines twisting randomly throughout the natural design. Display this pair unadorned for a sense of ... more info

$90.00 USD

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Volcanic Lava Skull

Take a good gander at this mug! Yes, it's a skull, carved out of a large chunk of medium-dark, porous volcanic lava . Like all lava, this sizeable gemrock is lighter than it looks, and can easily be handled and carried from place to place. What a great Halloween prop (even though he does his best ... more info

$175.00 USD

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