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Amethyst "Spade" Geode w/Calcite

This most regal amethyst geode is an amazing Rhapsody in Purple! Cut in half lengthwise (1/2 of a matched pair), its previously hidden inner treasure

$1,170.00 USD
Amethyst Hearts Sculpture

Two individual amethyst hearts interwoven into one serpentine sculpture - a contemporary AND traditional expression of love! Carved from an amethyst g

$380.00 USD
Amethyst Long Cave Geode

You only have to glance at this beautiful amethyst artpiece to feel the stunning shades of purple reaching deep into your psyche! The inner, elongated

$549.00 USD
Amethyst Quartz Section w/Stand

Amethyst Flash! Looking for just a splash of high-voltage deep dark purple hues rather than an entire roomful of intense violet energy? This Uruguayan

$220.00 USD
Mini-Amethyst w/Stand

Luxurious, deep purple amethyst points stand out like beacons on this gorgeous mini-amethyst section from Uruguay. Beautiful "grape-jelly" points and

$105.00 USD
XL Amethyst Clamshell Cluster w/Calcite Crystals

Amethyst Sparkle! Weighing in at over 62 lbs. , this colossal amethyst quartz cluster is blitzed with a blanket of sparkling medium-purple crystal poi

$950.00 USD