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Amethyst Spirit (Cactus) Quartz Cluster

Spirit Quartz Extraordinaire! Also known as Cactus Quartz , this gorgeous Amethyst Quartz Cluster features spire after spire of lavender-hued Amethyst

$490.00 USD
Amethyst w/Calcite Crystals & Stand

Exceptional Calcite Crystals! This "wavy" Amethyst Geode Section , blanketed with very pretty medium-purple points, serves as the perfect backdrop for

$360.00 USD
Amethyst/Calcite on Limestone Base

Artsy Amethyst! Solo, this chunk of large-point, dark purple Amethyst Geode topped with large-point Calcite crystals is simply awesome! In fact, the C

$490.00 USD
Black Amethyst/Agate Stalactite Geode

An Amethyst/Agate Gem from the 2012 "Black Amethyst" Find in Uruguay! Inside this Amethyst Geode Cave , a forest of amazing Quartz Crystal Stalactites

$335.00 USD
Large Amethyst Gem Tree

Looking for a decor' item that says "I'm really cool"? You can imagine this artsy Amethyst Gem Tree saying just that! Violet-colored Amethyst bits are

$437.00 USD
Large Amethyst Point

Single Large Amethyst Point with Clear Quartz Base! This "Ammy" has translucency in both body and tip - in many spots, you can see light all the way t

$145.00 USD
XL Amethyst Clamshell Cluster w/Calcite Crystals

Amethyst Sparkle! Weighing in at over 62 lbs. , this colossal amethyst quartz cluster is blitzed with a blanket of sparkling medium-purple crystal poi

$950.00 USD