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Amethyst Quartz Crescent Burr w/Stand

Spectacular Amethyst Art! Exquisite grape-jelly crystals are highlighted on both sides of this crescent-shaped Amethyst, IDing it as a partial burr formation (much coveted in Quartz specimens). A cutout on the top is filled with a field of sparkly, druzy crystals , all against a background of ... more info

$290.00 USD

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Amethyst/Calcite on Limestone Base

Artsy Amethyst! Solo, this chunk of large-point, dark purple Amethyst Geode topped with large-point Calcite crystals is simply awesome! In fact, the Calcite crystals are among the best to be found , with a high degree of clarity and hints of rainbow, too. But add to that an original, custom-fitted ... more info

$490.00 USD

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Large Amethyst Gem Tree

Looking for a decor' item that says "I'm really cool"? You can imagine this artsy Amethyst Gem Tree saying just that! Violet-colored Amethyst bits are epoxied together into flat Amethyst "petals", all interconnected with twisted metal wire. Because of the fluid nature of the wire, the flower petals ... more info

$437.00 USD

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