Smoky-Citrine-Champagne Quartz

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Smoky Quartz Burr Cluster

Super Smoky Quartz! Not one, but two Burr Shelves (crystals on both sides of a thin Quartz plate) grace this radiant Smoky beauty from Arkansas. Covered with a myriad of crystals, you'll see opaque to semi-transparent points, DTs (double-terminated points), large crystals to smaller ones, with ... more info

$216.00 USD

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Smoky Quartz w/DT and Bent ET Crystal

**$170.00** An Extraordinary Smoky Quartz Cluster! Where to start with this spirited Smoky! A compact cluster, this unusually talented piece is chock full of great features, and can hold its own with clusters twice its size. For instance: note the large, perfectly-formed stubby DT ... more info

$170.00 USD

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XL Champagne Time Link Quartz Point

Rare Champagne Quartz! Somewhere between the sunny shades of Citrine and the smoldering shades of Smoky lies a beautiful beige-like color referred to as "Champagne" . And here, in one of its rarest occurrences , you'll be amazed to see this unusual coloring saturating this spectacular, ... more info

$2,120.00 USD

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XL Smoky Quartz Cluster w/Rutile

17 lbs. of 100% Natural Smoky Quartz! Except, of course for those gorgeous gold metallic Rutile needles that float about the interior. That's right - no matrix rock , no polish, no sculpting. Just one, dark Smoky Quartz Cluster, with totally natural surfaces and several exceptionally large crystal ... more info

$319.00 USD

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