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Large Clamshell Fossil

Almost totally intact, this fossilized clamshell is a 4 million year old Mercinaria clam, hollowed out in the center, with all sides but the hinge area intact. Gorgeous transparent yellow calcite crystals appear across the top of the clam, and pieces of other fossilized clamshells are scattered ... more info

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Malachite/Chrysocolla Mound w/Stand

A Malachite Collectible! From the Luputo Mine in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this one-of-a-kind Malachite specimen is a must for any collector. Only one section of this piece is polished, showing great circular nodule patterns , while the balance is totally natural in ... more info

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Petrified Wood Fossil Heart XL

Petrified Heart! Hundreds of years ago, a fallen tree in Madagascar lay buried in a rare, oxygen-free state. Very slowly, mineral-rich flowing water replaced the organic material with all inorganic stone (a quartz/chalcedony mixture). Time passed, this ancient being was discovered, and a piece was ... more info

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Sculptured "Straw" Copper & Copper Sphere

Beautiful Native Copper was melted at 2200 degrees F, then actually poured into water-soaked straw to create this Copper wonder! While the straw itself burned away and the metal cooled, a wacky cluster of Copper "straw" was left in its wake. How cool is that? Of course the Sphere is solid Copper , ... more info

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XL Selenite Desert Rose Cluster

A Desert Rose of Rare Size! This monster Selenite Cluster , also known as a "Desert Rose" (aka Sand Rose, Gypsum Rose, or Selenite Rose), has received its name from the only place where these crystal-like formations of gypsum and grains of sand are found -- the dry, arid desert. This Desert Rose ... more info

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