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Malachite/Chrysocolla Mound w/Stand

A Malachite Collectible! From the Luputo Mine in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this one-of-a-kind Malachite specimen is a must for any collector. Only one section of this piece is polished, showing great circular nodule patterns , while the balance is totally natural in ... more info

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Petrified Wood Fossil Heart XL

Petrified Heart! Hundreds of years ago, a fallen tree in Madagascar lay buried in a rare, oxygen-free state. Very slowly, mineral-rich flowing water replaced the organic material with all inorganic stone (a quartz/chalcedony mixture). Time passed, this ancient being was discovered, and a piece was ... more info

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Sculptured "Straw" Copper & Copper Sphere

Beautiful Native Copper was melted at 2200 degrees F, then actually poured into water-soaked straw to create this Copper wonder! While the straw itself burned away and the metal cooled, a wacky cluster of Copper "straw" was left in its wake. How cool is that? Of course the Sphere is solid Copper , ... more info

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