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Smoky Quartz Crackle Point

Also known as Fire and Ice , this feisty Quartz Point has been heated, then cooled, to form crackle-like inclusions from tip to base. Besides being gorgeous, the idea behind the treatment is to create many more surfaces from which light can reflect and energy can travel. A very light Smoky tint ... more info

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Golden Lemurian Quartz Point

From the famed Diamantina Mine in Brazil comes this fabulous Golden Quartz Point - and it's a Lemurian, too! A+ clarity and a semi-saturation of gorgeous tangerine hues combine to create a super crystal that will feel oh-so-good in your palm. This little dynamo is partially polished to open up ... more info

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Rose Quartz Tower

**$66.00** Strong Shades of Pink saturate this Rose Quartz Tower from Brazil. Check out the translucent top termination and base areas -- this Rose Quartz beauty is definitely not your average opaque piece. Even the inclusions seem to float ethereally throughout the interior! With polished facets, ... more info

$66.00 USD

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**SOLD**Fluorite Tower

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** A Generator Point, too! Most of the favorite Fluorite colors abound here, from clear to dark greens, blues, and teals . Of course the color purple is front and center , shown in crisp, zig-zag chevrons ribboning down the Tower in vertical patterning. Not only that, this ... more info

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Blue Obsidian Obelisk

Gorgeous, is it not? Water-clear with a cool inclusion and glass-like interior markings, this polished Obsidian Obelisk simply vibrates to the most beautiful aqua/teal/blue color in the palette. It's hard to take my eyes off this hypnotic specimen! But let's back up a bit and talk about Obsidian in ... more info

$98.00 USD

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Light Smoky Quartz Wand w/Chlorite & Stand

A Beautiful, Smoky Quartz Tower from Brazil! This Smoky has it all! A light shade of "smoke" provides a bit of grounding energy for the high-clarity interior , and is also a great complementary coloring to the awesome gray Chlorite layers near the perfect termination. Nice inclusions and resulting ... more info

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Lightning Struck Quartz Point

AKA Flash Stone, this totally natural Clear Quartz Point has survived a catastrophic event - a direct lightning hit! Struck while still in the ground, you can see the evidence of this, a clearly defined jagged channel along one side, between the arrows in the photo. A nicely rehealed base ... more info

$109.00 USD

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Clear Quartz & Green Tourmaline

Clear Quartz paired with Green Tourmaline equals a heavenly combination of quietly energetic Quartz and the healthy, vibrant vibes of Green Tourmaline. And there's more! A spot of the much rarer Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) peeks out from one side - a coveted addition to please any Tourmaline ... more info

$119.00 USD

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Tibetan Quartz DT Enhydro Point

And A Recordkeeper Crystal, Too! From deep in the Himalayan Mtns. of Tibet comes this superior DT (double-terminated) Quartz Wand that simply oozes with special talents. Commonly known as "Enhydro" , the taped arrow indicates where to spot the very old and trapped fluid bubble , which moves when ... more info

$260.00 USD $195.00 USD25% off

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Tibetan Quartz DT Point w/Alien Stand

Sacred Tibetan Quartz! This magnificent Tibetan Quartz piece is a knock-out crystal, in oh-so-many ways. Larger than most Tibetans, this crystal is also unusual in that it displays exceptionally high clarity (not particularly common in Tibetan Quartz). If that isn't enough, this crystal is a ... more info

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