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Lightning Struck Quartz Point

AKA Flash Stone, this totally natural Clear Quartz Point has survived a catastrophic event - a direct lightning hit! Struck while still in the ground, you can see the evidence of this, a clearly defined jagged channel along one side, between the arrows in the photo. A nicely rehealed base ... more info

$109.00 USD

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Smoky Quartz Crackle Point

Also known as Fire and Ice , this feisty Quartz Point has been heated, then cooled, to form crackle-like inclusions from tip to base. Besides being gorgeous, the idea behind the treatment is to create many more surfaces from which light can reflect and energy can travel. A very light Smoky tint ... more info

$45.00 USD

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Tibetan Quartz DT Point w/Alien Stand

Sacred Tibetan Quartz! This magnificent Tibetan Quartz piece is a knock-out crystal, in oh-so-many ways. Larger than most Tibetans, this crystal is also unusual in that it displays exceptionally high clarity (not particularly common in Tibetan Quartz). If that isn't enough, this crystal is a ... more info

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XL Clear Quartz Channeling Tower

Spectacular Tower of Quartz! Over 19 lbs. of 100% Quartz stands tall, an imposing statue of polished, transparent Clear Rock Quartz . It's really a challenge to portray the sheer mass of an XL crystal - photos don't always capture the hefty nature of these super large points. But imagine the weight ... more info

$1,649.00 USD

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XL Clear Quartz Lemurian DT Point

Yes, this is one of the increasingly rare Clear Quartz specimens from the last production of the famed La Serra Lemurian Mine, closed in 2004. A single XL crystal , this most unique Point is double-terminated (DT) , with a companion crystal embedded on one end. And note the large Window Facet - ... more info

$347.00 USD

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XL Tall Dark Smoky Quartz "Transmitter" Tower

A Massive Smoky Quartz Crystal bursting with life! At first glance, this deep, dark Smoky appears to be one cool dude, just lounging in low frequency, no worries, no stress. But my imagination says "no way"! Up close and personal, you, too, may be in for quite a surprise! Right away you'll note ... more info

$2,320.00 USD

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