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Clear Quartz Mini-Sphere

Clear Quartz Cutie! This "fab" quartz sphere may be diminutive, but it is top of the line! Besides water-clear clarity, this high quality sphere is jam-packed with great features, including rainbows, a feather inclusion, and even a dash of red hematite. You won't need to break the bank to be in the ... more info

$60.00 USD

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Dark Brown Calcite Sphere

Brown and Beautiful Brazilian Sphere! Think brown sugar, maple syrup and root beer -- and you'll know just a few of the delectable shades of brown that decorate this unusually handsome sphere. Fabulous golden inclusions streak randomly throughout the interior, which can be traced about 1/2" into ... more info

$392.00 USD

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Fluorite Pastel Sphere

Pretty Pastel Pleaser! Flowing lines of subtle greens, whites and a hint of blue plus rainbows merge together to highlight a lovely purple ribbon that zigzags completely around this lovely stone. Although this sphere is opaque, the incredible inclusions can be seen far into the sphere. A special ... more info

$169.00 USD

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Large Pyrite Sphere

Check out this huge Pyrite Orb! Over 12 lbs. of solid Pyrite has been shaped into this awesome, hunky Pyrite Sphere from Peru! Glittery gold shimmers over its semi-polished surfaces, while small cavities and crevasses open up randomly all around. A natural design of circular rings gives this sphere ... more info

$690.00 USD

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