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An Awesomely Large Clear Quartz Point is the definite focal point of this massive cluster from Brazil -- and it is a Recordkeeper Crystal, too (see photo of etched triangle on face facet and Crystal Glossary under Product Info category for explanation). For the purists out there, this is a natural specimen -- complete with imperfect facet lines and faces -- and not unsculpted, shaped, or polished in any way other than what was needed to deliver it to the earth's surface. Good clarity, natural growth lines and markings only add to the presence of this giant crystal, which rests on an attractive matrix rock. In the sunlight, the Mica will sparkle, while streaks of Black Tourmaline add super contrast to both the Quartz and the matrix base. I call this 21-lb. monster a Patio Cluster, as I think it is a perfect decorator piece for porch, walkway, garden area, entryway, etc. But I also tried it on our hearth, where it definitely "held its own" indoors, too. So where ever you would like this behemoth to reside, there's no doubt this piece will be a Rock Star extraordinare!

Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 7 1/2" tall
Weight: 21.6 lbs.