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Yes, this is one of the increasingly rare Clear Quartz specimens from the last production of the famed La Serra Lemurian Mine, closed in 2004. A single XL crystal, this most unique Point is double-terminated (DT), with a companion crystal embedded on one end. And note the large Window Facet - fabulous! Water-clear clarity in the top area of this huge crystal permits an excellent view of a super prismatic rainbow and a phantom-like wispy veil. An added treat is a rather cool hint of mossy-green coloring that seems to have fused among the very nice inclusions near the bottom. This crystal has a totally natural configuration; but the exterior surfaces have different degrees of polish: much of the main crystal has light exterior polish, but 5 facets are unpolished or semi-polished and showing growth lines. Of course, as an uncut or unsculpted crystal, all the usual imperfections of tips and facet lines are included as well. The companion crystal is natural and untouched, with a beautifully rehealed base. Photographing this elusive crystal was a challenge! You will have to see this one to get the full effect. I predict that there are many layers to uncover and depths to discover in this most eclectic of Lemurian crystals from Brazil! Note: The metal display stand is one we use for photos, but I will be happy to include it if you need one. If you don't specifically request it, though, I'll just keep using it myself!

Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 7" long
Weight: 2.6 lbs.