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A Sculpture as Clear as Glass-but it isn't! It's hard to wrap a mind around the fact that this extraordinary Citrine Quartz actually lived within our planet's interior. Out of the dirt and rock surroundings came this 100% pure, unadulterated Citrine - a simple rock, a mineral, but present in its highest, gem quality form. With the aid of talented miners and gemrock cutters, this superb specimen was designed and sculpted into a double-terminated (DT) flat, spiraling swirl to best highlight its pristine personality. A color infusion of medium shades of Citrine, ribbon inclusions, rainbows--and A+ clarity--are exquisite features of this polished beauty that are aptly displayed in its custom-fitted rustic black metal stand. When you see this beautiful art piece in person, you will recognize a simple, natural elegance that most of us can only dream of. A true, high-ranking member of the Citrine royal family!

Dimensions: 4" x 7/8" thick x 7" long, solo crystal
Weight: 1.5 lbs. on stand