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Amethyst Geode w/Calcite + Metal Stand

Super Amethyst Geode Section! Large, Amethyst-Purple Points provide the awesome backdrop for two areas of A+ Calcite crystals (that are white, white, ... more info

Model: AQ148
$420.00 USD
In Stock: 1

Citrine Hedgehog Geode Cluster

**$464.00** Fiery Citrine Quartz! You'll have to take a step back from this hot and sizzing Citrine Geode, as red-orange "fire" sparks out from all ... more info

Model: MC438
$464.00 USD
In Stock: 1

XL Celestite Geode

**$448.00** Giant Celestite from Madagascar! There is no shade of blue in our planetary color pallet quite like that of the mineral Celestite. And ... more info

Model: MC424
$448.00 USD
In Stock: 1