Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

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Clear Quartz Large-Point ET Cluster

A Window Quartz, Too! This 100% No-Matrix Quartz Cluster is an elongated version of frosty Quartz, covered with lovely large, high-clarity crystal points. While the Face Facets have been lightly buffed in spots, the Side Facets sport mostly the natural markings they were born with! And check out ....more info

$286.00 USD
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Clear Quartz w/A+ Needle Crystals

Stunning Crystals! As a Mini-Forest of High-Clarity Quartz Crystal "Trees", this amazing Cluster is outstanding! One central crystal draws the eye to its purely natural, unpolished formation, complete with natural etchings on every surface and inner ribbons of "crystal mist". In fact, all the ....more info

$425.00 USD
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Clear Quartz XL-Point Cluster

Two Extra-Large Crystal Points are the Kingpins of this Extraordinary Quartz Cluster from Brazil! From their opaque bases to their translucent tips, these two sentinels stretch at about 45-degree angles from each other, surrounded by several other small-to-large points of good clarity and super ....more info

$636.00 USD
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Pineapple Quartz Cluster

Over 16 Lbs. of Pineapple Quartz! Pineapple Quartz, also known as Candle, Celestial, and Cascading Quartz, is a wonderful find from Madagascar (although it's been around for awhile) that still has "Quartz" people all abuzz. Easy to recognize, Pineapple Quartz is characterized by hundreds of small ....more info

$546.00 USD
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Titanium Aura Quartz for Wall/Table

Gorgeous Titanium Quartz Cluster with a Terrific Twist! Yes, this fabulous, intensely colorful Quartz is available not only as a stunning table cluster, but as a one-of-a-kind (and rare) wall hanging as well - all in the same piece! In fact, this is the ONLY dual-display Titanium Cluster that I've ....more info

$485.00 USD
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