Quartz Clusters: MED-LG

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Clear Quartz on Sparkling Matrix

**$225.00** Very Fine Quartz Crystals adorn the crown of this unusual, wedge-shaped matrix rock from Arkansas! Unusual, because both the gorgeous Quartz crystals and their bed of absolutely beautiful matrix rock are a stunning combo of light and color. Randomly arranged, these attractive Quartz ....more info

$225.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Time Link Cluster

**$161.00** With TWO Time Link Facets!! Gorgeous, A+ Quality Crystals rise from the top and one side of an attractive, light-colored Quartz base, in a beautiful spray of light. Tower-like in appearance, this hunky Cluster is loaded with high-clarity crystals and unusual terminations. Quartz ....more info

$161.00 USD
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Titanium Aura DT Quartz Cluster

A Rainbow Stunner! A Crazy Array of Quartz Crystals smothers this 100% no-matrix Cluster in a spectacular spray of intense color! Among these stately, multi-sized points is at least one DT (double-terminated) crystal, and I'm positive there are even more tucked around this brilliant specimen. And ....more info

$547.00 USD
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