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Amethyst Geode Cluster w/Polished Nodules

**$420.00** Dark "grape jelly" purple is the overriding color saturating this fantastic Amethyst Quartz Geode Cluster from Uruguay! Looking inside, you'll be amazed at the denizens of beautiful, medium-sized Points overrunning the entire inner surface, creating a carpet of deeply rich purple. And ....more info

$420.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz "Leaf" on Stand

**$267.00** Another Amethyst Jewel from Uruguay! Shaped like a leaf, this stunning purple haze of small, sparkly crystal Points draws the eye like few other minerals. This sea of dark purple is the "grape jelly" shade of Amethyst that Uruguay is known for; this impressive specimen has it in spades! ....more info

$267.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz Hollow Sphere

A Sphere that's so unusually un common it always garners a second (or even a third) look! Why? Because this eye-catching Amethyst Quartz Sphere, unlike other Amethyst solid or cut-out Spheres, is hollow! Designed by a wonderfully creative cutter/artist, this unique geode has been fashioned into an ....more info

$821.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz Mound Cluster

**$141.00** You Gotta Love this Spiky, Sea Cucumber-Shaped Amethyst Quartz from Brazil! A solid blanket of medium dark purple Crystals decorates this fabulous rounded mound of Amethyst: note the 360 degree view of purple Points! One of my favorite shapes, this rather elongated mound is suggestive ....more info

$141.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz Nodule Cluster

**$150.00** Amethyst Quartz Nodules! Feast your eyes on this entire Cluster of Amethyst Nodules (or Pinecones), each one encrusted with the most beautiful lavender-colored mini-crystals ever! In its sort-of-bowl-shaped setting, two main Nodules stand tall among a supporting cast of many shorter and ....more info

$150.00 USD
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Amethyst Upright Geode Twist on Stand

Amethyst Quartz Rarity! Standing tall at almost 16" high (on stand), this amazing Geode Crescent has a most unusual upper twist that culminates in a sparkly druze matrix maze! Shades of "rusty iron" colors blend in with a blanket of light purple micro-mini crystals that line the walls of this ....more info

$390.00 USD
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Amethyst Upright w/Calcite

**$176.00** Dark Druzy Crystals saturate the inner surfaces of this striking Amethyst Geode section from Uruguay! With the intermingling of a few lighter-toned Points, this scenic color contrast makes for a softer, less intense rockscape. Peek around the side to view a most interesting "fold" of ....more info

$176.00 USD
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Cactus (Spirit) Quartz

Magic from South Africa! Sometimes called "Pineapple Quartz", this sparkly creation in light lavender is well-loved in many circles, including metaphysical (aids in opening the higher chakras), decorator, and collector groups. Three main points are perfect examples of mature crystals that are ....more info

$61.00 USD
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Grape Agate on Driftwood

Intriguing Rockscape Sculpture! Resplendent in lavender purple, this Grape Agate showpiece hails from Mamuju, Sulawesi, Indonesia, and more recently from the private collection of Anissa Tai. Grape Agate is a relatively new find (2016 or so), and mineral experts are still debating exactly what to ....more info

$547.00 USD
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