Smoky-Citrine-Champagne Quartz

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Large Citrine Geode Cluster w/Stand

From deep in the mines of Brazil comes this 20+ lb. wonderful and unkempt Citrine Geode Cluster with unusual qualities! This is not the usual perky "all crystals pointed straight up" kind of Cluster. Rather, many points are actually sideways! Resting on a bed of milky white Quartz, these ....more info

$549.00 USD
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Smoky Scepter + Cactus Quartz

For the Collector! Saturated with a natural, light smoky coloring (might be a tinge of Amethyst there, hard to tell), this coveted mini-cluster has not one - but THREE Scepter Terminations! Scepters are Quartz crystals that have formed around a central crystal rod, the crystal being quite a bit ....more info

$111.00 USD
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XL Champagne Time-Link Quartz Point

Rare A+ Champagne Quartz! Somewhere between the sunny shades of Citrine and the smoldering shades of Smoky lies a beautiful ivory-like color referred to as "Champagne" . And here, in one of its rarest occurrences , you'll be amazed to see this unusual coloring saturating this spectacular, ....more info

$2,120.00 USD
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XL Tabular Smoky Quartz w/Stand

Calling All Collectors! A Coveted Quartz Collectible is Now Available! You've noticed the flat crystals, right? Yes, these are Tabular Crystals, extra large and stacked on top of each other. A very random, unusual arrangement of angular, brilliant Quartz Points. And not only are these crystals ....more info

$1,124.00 USD
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