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Large Fluorite Tower on Stand

Intense Colors and Impressive Generator Termination adorn this strikingly beautiful Fluorite Tower from China. Varied layers of vivid purple, green, blue and white swirl throughout the ravishing interior of translucent to opaque Fluorite. Love that Fluorite blue that winds around the point! ....more info

$426.00 USD
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Light Smoky Quartz Wand w/Chlorite & Stand

A Beautiful, Smoky Quartz Tower from Brazil! This Smoky has it all! A light shade of "smoke" provides a bit of grounding energy for the high-clarity interior , and is also a great complementary coloring to the awesome gray Chlorite layers near the perfect termination. Nice inclusions and resulting ....more info

$123.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Flame w/Rutile

Tinged with a light Smoky aura , this exquisite Quartz Flame is simply sublime! Delicate needles of shiny golden Rutile, especially near the top, grow like a garden of tall grasses - wow! Artful shaping has resulted in smooth facets, a straight-line "wrinkle" on one side, and a flat base for ....more info

$126.00 USD
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XL Clear Quartz Scepter-Cut Channeling Quartz

Rare Quartz Sculpture, and what a find! A Scepter Crystal is a famed configuration of Quartz that is so distinctive, it is recognizable anywhere , on sight. Just to be clear, this sizeable Quartz was carved into its scepter shape (unlike a naturally-occurring Scepter that is technically one crystal ....more info

$587.00 USD
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XL Rose Quartz Tower on Stand

A Towering Pillar of Solid Rose Quartz! About 12 lbs. of semi-translucent-to-opaque high-quality Rose Quartz stands tall in an imposing work of carved Quartz that will take your breath away! An outstanding Generator Termination crowns this sea of soft rosy pink , with striations of white Quartz ....more info

$525.00 USD
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