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XL Blue Calcite Sphere

Super-Sized Blue Calcite Orb! It is with great pleasure that I introduce this wonderfully gentle, 23+ lb. Blue Calcite Sphere! For being such a massive Sphere, this opaque beauty is an amazingly tranquil stone, with soft (but strong) energy radiating from intermingled swirls of blue skies and lofty ....more info

$536.00 USD
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XL Malachite Sphere

Oversized Malachite Orb! A spectacular specimen that is unbelievably attractive, chock full of every Malachite feature you can imagine. Malachite is normally opaque, green banded, and occurring in up to three natural configurations: botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic. this Sphere sports examples ....more info

$876.00 USD
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XL Pyrite Sphere

Big, Bold & Beautiful! Behold this Awesomely Large Metallic Sphere of Iron Pyrite! Weighing in at almost 28 lbs., this ball of Pyrite is massive! Check out the vug-like caverns that wind randomly throughout this hefty orb, each uniquely packed with cubic character. Polished surfaces showcase the ....more info

$972.00 USD
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