About Us

Greetings from The Gem Quarry!

Back in 2005, Chris and I had no idea that in 2021 we’d still be offering fabulous gemrocks, crystals, and minerals to anyone inquisitive enough to investigate. But thanks to you, fantastic and loyal customers, we are happily still going strong!

Just how did TGQ come about, you might ask? Trust me, running an online company wasn’t exactly in my business plan. But as an avid rock/crystal collector, I collected…..and collected. Until one day, Chris looked around at our lack of space, then tentatively asked (in the politest of ways) if I had ever thought of selling a few of them. Shortly after that, voila’! The Gem Quarry made its debut from part-time hobby to part-time business.

So welcome to our world! Even today, several years later, I (we) continue to choose outstanding gemrock inventory items as we always have: hand-selecting premium pieces that stand-out in the crowd, each for its special personality, unique features, or …. simply because we like it! You can imagine how many of them have ended up in our own Tualatin home, yard, and gardens!

In between trade shows, Chris’s financial business, and other pursuits, we DO find time for R&R! Haunted houses are a favorite, as is warm weather traveling (love those rocky environments), trekking around historical sites (often rocky areas), and just exploring, in general (yep, more rocks)!

Coaxing our vineyard grapes to fruition each year is ever an adventure and the one occasion during which we try our best to get rid of the rocks!

So yes, TGQ is all about gemrocks! Let me leave you with my two "written in stone" mottos:

"Everyone needs a rock or crystal in his/her life"; and "One can never have too many rocks or crystals!"

Happy Trails!

Kathy, Chris, and Cat Colony of 4

(Fido, "Top Cat"; Nacho, round as a burrito; Miss Kitty, diva princess; and Trubel, who is always in it!)