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A Window Quartz, Too! This 100% No-Matrix Quartz Cluster is an elongated version of frosty Quartz, covered with lovely large, high-clarity crystal points. While the Face Facets have been lightly buffed in spots, the Side Facets sport mostly the natural markings they were born with! And check out the sparkly little cut-out in front - nice contrast!

It is the special features that totally distinguish this amazing Cluster from the crowd! First of all, look for the Window Facet, considered by some to be a portal to unknown dimensions (many collectors continually search for these coveted "Windows"). Secondly, check out the fantastic ET Crystal, mid center (difficult to see in the pics, but easy to spot in person)! FYI, an ET Crystal is double-terminated, with one termination on one end, and multiple terminations on the other (sometimes compared to an old science fiction rocket ship). Needless to say, this is another vastly popular feature that is sought after by those interested in life beyond our planet Earth.

As a display item, this unique specimen is perfect for just about anywhere, but accommodates a narrower shelf, too. As a gift, ET crystals make a unique, first-rate choice for scientists, mind travelers, curiosity seekers, or those who simply dream of what lies beyond. An amazing earthly Quartz specimen with a definite other-worldly twist! Brazil.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 5"
Weight: 6.4 lbs.