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Unusual, and Definitely One-of-a-Kind! Over 12 lbs. of Quartz provides the foundation material for this intriguing sculpted face, expressive of more than just one personality. Some may recognize the facial features of Aztec, Incan or American Indian, while others might be drawn to the enigmatic expression itself. Haunted? Thoughtful? Stoic?

While generally a white Quartz, there is, in certain lighting, a lovely pinkish cast, especially on the face. But the crowning feature of this carving is its hair! An entire head of Elestial Quartz crystals spray across the top! Elestial crystals are distinguishable by their layered, etched character; and this "person" is crowned with an entire expanse of these small, terminated crystals, some with a distinctive touch of Smoky on many points. A spectacular head of crystal hair!

I call this piece a composite, which may have come about due to an unfortunate accident in which 3 or 4 sections separated along natural fracture planes. All sections have been glued back to the original form, then carved and polished into this face of mystery we now see. If the idea of repair is disconcerting to you, then consider this: it is the nature of Quartz to have fracture planes running throughout. When force or pressure causes these fracture lines to separate, it is the stabilizing solution that re-strengthens each fracture to create a piece that is now stronger than it was originally. The only downside is that a discerning eye may see these fracture lines as something other than "natural". To mitigate this concern, I've decided to offer this unique art piece at a super discount. What a great opportunity to "up the ante" on your personal decor' without breaking the bank! If you are a fan of sculpted rock "faces", like I am, you will be totally delighted to add this cryptic persona to your collection. A classy, affordable gemrock sculpture and conversation piece extraordinaire! Brazil.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 6" x 8" high
Weight: 12.4 lbs.