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Oversized Malachite Orb! A spectacular specimen that is unbelievably attractive, chock full of every Malachite feature you can imagine. Malachite is normally opaque, green banded, and occurring in up to three natural configurations: botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic. this Sphere sports examples of all three! Intricate fibrous designs appear as fern-shaped flowers; natural caverns highlight super botryoidal nodules, and circular green bands display the inside layers of stalagmite formations. Plus, a nice polish has buffed the outer surface to a radiant silky luster.

As an aside, Malachite forms at shallow depths within the earth, in the oxidizing zone above Copper deposits; therefore, it has been considered a by-product of Copper mining. But Malachite has become a sought-after stone in its own right, fashioned into strikingly attractive gem carvings, jewelry, decorative items, and display specimens.

But we aren't the first to appreciate Malachite! Ancient Egyptians believed in an after-life of eternal paradise that resembled their own lives (but without suffering). They called this place the Field of Malachite, and this stone accompanied many Egyptians on their journey homeward. Today, metaphysically-inclined folks use this gemrock, too, for a variety of healing reasons, one of which is protection of the auric field by introducing Malachite's stabilizing energy (which clears and activates all chakras) into the area.

Gazing at this Malachite ball is a dream in green! In fact, if you dream in Kodachrome, this lush, vibrant, revitalizing Malachite just may make your dreams pop with color! If your dreams are not so colorful, that's okay, too. Because either way, you'll enjoy countless hours, with your eyes wide open, gazing at nature's paintbrush at its very best! Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Note: stand in photos not included.

Dimensions: 6" diameter, 19" circumference
Weight: 14.6 lbs.