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TGQ NewsFlash -- Vol. 2

Hi {FIRST_NAME|Valued Customer},

2015 Greetings from The Gem Quarry!

Ahhh, the holidays are over and it’s time to treat those frayed nerves to a little R & R. 
Here’s a short, quick and easy list of simple ways your treasured rocks and crystals can help!   Unlike exotic Hot Rocks Massages or Healing Crystal Layouts, these suggestions can be enjoyed right here, right now, no muss, no fuss.  

1. Did you know that Gemrocks have Scents? They do! Their individual aromas are easiest to detect in powder form, or during the cutting process, but nevertheless are always present. Try sniffing a large geode to start, then move on to smaller specimens (yes, you can laugh while you do this). Sounds funny, but this is reportedly an actual phenomenon, and the scents that attract you will also benefit you.

2. Gem Therapy subscribes to the theory that color vibrations from gemstones restore balance to a human body. So the idea here is to place a rock, mineral or crystal into your immediate vicinity or on your body and immerse yourself in its healing color rays. If you're not sure which color of stone you need at the moment, never fear. Simply place a nice array of colored stones nearby and soak up all those rays!

3. Make a Gemrock Elixir, and drink it! Choose a favorite gemstone and steep it in a glass/pitcher of water. The vibes from the "gem and tonic" (from Gem Magic, by Cornelia Parkinson - isn't that a great drink name?) will transfer to the drinker. I tried this several years ago with an amethyst, and I swear that the water was thicker, and, well, charged. Try it! You might be pleasantly surprised!

4. Encourage Gemrock Dreams by placing a gemstone or crystal under your pillow before sleep. Certain stones are said to enhance positive dreams and creativity, others prophecy future events and challenges. Which stones? I'll leave that area to the many experts; but I do encourage you to give it a shot. A little experimentation here could be very enlightening, indeed!

If you are wondering exactly how to choose the right gemrock or crystal for the right activity, let your own intuition be your strongest guide. But above all else, have fun and enjoy your crystals!

The Gem Quarry Wishes Everyone a 2015 Filled with Wonder and Surprise!  

~ Kathy & Chris ~

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