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8th June
TGQ NewsFlash Vol. 3
D-Day (Dad's Day) is fast approaching ----- scroll down for a short, fun trivia quiz about this memorable holiday.

But first ... let me ask you this:

Which item was the most commonly given gift on Father's Day in 2010?
Yep, it was the tie.

Well, this year, forget the tie, the socks and the aftershave! Go for original, unique, anything-but-average! We've put together a few super suggestions below to tease your imagination - click here to find these and many other fabulous ideas for that favorite Father, Grandfather, Step-Father, God-Father, or Wish-You-Were-My-Father person you would like to acknowledge in a special way.

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But right now, read on for great gift ideas for the Dad-Who-Has-Everything. I'll bet he doesn't have any of these!

Copper Ore Clock

Decorative and functional, this fancy metallic timepiece will be the talk of all who catch a glimpse of this unique Raw Copper Ore Slab...

Malachite w/Nodules

This Magical Malachite is Nutty with Nodules! Many are left in their most interesting natural state, as is the base surface.


This flashy Labradorite may be small in stature; but in terms of presence, this piece is huge ! Polished all around, you can see its...

Iron Meteorite w/Alien Stand

This Iron Meteorite is the Real Deal! In 1576, the Spaniards discovered meteorites at Campo del Cielo (field of the sky or heaven), Argentina.

Smoky Quartz DT Burr

Smoky DT Heaven! Not only is this extraordinary Smoky Quartz Cluster a "Burr" (360 degrees of crystals), ...

Amethyst/Calcite on Limestone Base

Artsy Amethyst! Solo, this chunk of large-point, dark purple Amethyst Geode topped with large-point Calcite crystals is simply awesome!
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To purchase or view more info on the above items, join us at, or send an email to if we can help make your Father's Day celebration the best one yet!

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Happy Father's Day to Fathers and Families Everywhere!

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Ready to test your own "Father" Quotient? Take this quick Trivia Quiz to find out where you stand!
  1. According to the quote by Galileo, who is the Father of Invention? (Shame, Doubt, Fear or Victory)
  2. "Father Time" is also known by what name?
  3. Up until the year 2012, what was the only state in the European Union not to have an official Father's Day? (Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Ireland)
  4. The myth of "Father Christmas" has been taken from what country?
  5. Who was NOT a Founding Father of US colonialization? (Jefferson, Edison, Adams, Hamilton)
  6. How many Father's Day cards were sent in 2010? (53 million, 95 million, 1.2 billion, 42 million)
  7. American actor Robert Young starred in what 1950's TV show dedicated to Fathers?
  8. According to Greek mythology, who was the Father of the Gods and Mortals?
  9. Can you name the Father/Son acting team in which the Father was Spartacus and the Son became President?
  10. If your Father is living, you wear a red flower. However, if your Father has passed away, what color would you wear?
Answers: 1. Doubt; 2. Grim Reaper; 3. Romania; 4. The Netherlands; 5. Thomas Edison; 6. 95 million in 2010; 7. Father Knows Best; 8. Zeus; 9. Kirk & Michael Douglas; 10. White     Phone:+1 (503) 869-3863
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