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 14th October
TGQ NewsFlash Vol. 4
Hello Everyone and Greetings from The Gem Quarry!

With summer over and indoor weather looming, my thoughts are fast turning toward ...reorganizing my space! That, of course, is just a euphemism for guilt-free indulgence in one of my favorite indoor activities: picking up, moving around, gazing into, and generally just soaking up the energy from all the rocks, minerals and crystals that coexist with us.

How often I’ve wondered if they all start chattering away as soon as I leave the room (love The Nutcracker!) Can’t you just imagine the cacophony of voices? "It’s too hot in here. I want to be closer to the window. Move me away from that Obsidian bully, will you? Tell that Sphere to be quiet already! I WANT A NEW STAND!"
...which brings me right around to today's talking point: EASY DISPLAY STAND TIPS!
Here's the scenario: you've just received a gorgeous Smoky Quartz Sphere for your birthday. You are totally enchanted with it, but wonder "what do I do with it now?" You need a Display Stand! And wow, does The Gem Quarry ever have great options to choose from! Just click on and explore the Display Accessories section - you'll discover Display Stands from classy and traditional, to fun and funky.
Hematite Cat Display Stand for Spheres & Clusters
But more on that later...

If you find yourself without a Display Stand, and you need one in a hurry, don't despair - help is likely available right at home! With a little creativity, the sky is the limit when it comes to discovering items you can transform from one purpose to a new one - and I would like to share a few ideas I've collected over time.

One of my favorites is the Kleenex Dispenser (that idea came from a customer and I've used it ever since). Bowls, especially flatter ones, are easily transformed into a nice display venue. Just fill with rice or place a velvet cushion inside to support your crystal. Candle holders are terrific (not the ones with spikes)! Flat ones, curved ones, concave ones - you'll spy many feasible designs, once you begin to think "crystals" instead of "candles". I've seen Ashtrays converted to sphere stands, and twisty pieces of Driftwood used to display just about anything. After receiving a Square Block of Wood as a gift, voila'! I had an instant display stand! Even other Rocks can make a fabulous display (lava rock or sandstone can be quite attractive). You might be surprised what you can find in your own backyard!

By the way, Holiday Décor' is a fabulous seasonal venue for displaying beautiful specimens. Spheres, Clusters and Points, in particular, can appear quite glamorous when highlighted in baskets, winter sleighs, floral arrangements, and so on. At Christmas time, pinecones, holly, tree boughs and lights also make very sparkly accompaniments.

And remember that almost any Sphere holder (with a circular opening in it) can be adapted to accommodate flat-based Points, Clusters, Obelisks, Towers, Flames, and curios, too, with the addition of a soft cushion over the opening (such as a rice-filled velvet cushion). By the way, these cushions are easy to sew up at home (if you are so inclined). I've personally made several with fabric and fillers such as beans, rice, or un-popped corn.

And vice versa, many flat-based stands can be converted to Sphere stands by placing a small rubber o-ring or gasket on top (costs just pennies from a hardware store).
Here's a photo collage of stands that I scrounged up this afternoon in our own home. A couple came from garage sales, one from a surplus furniture store, another from a flea market, and others I just accrued somehow. You can ferret out the zaniest, most unique stands if you simply start looking. Hopefully, these ideas will spark your own creativity the next time you browse through storage cabinets, neighborhood garage sales or your local Dollar Store!

But if you're ready to skip the hunt and go straight to a Display Stand selection, is a great place to start!
Shop our Lighted Display Stands
To find these stands and more, including our Signature Lighted Display Stands, just CLICK HERE: Don't need a stand right now? Chances are that someone on your gift list does! Display Stands make a thoughtful, classy gift for that special person you would like to remember on an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or "just because". This is one gift guaranteed to be a big hit! As always, we thank you for thinking of The Gem Quarry! Have a wonderful Fall season, and we'll be in touch again sometime this winter.
Kathy & Chris

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