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October 11th 2016
TGQ NewsFlash Vol. 6

Crystal Skulls - Ghoulish or Gorgeous?

Ghoulish or Gorgeous! Now THAT is a Question!
Ask me how I feel about skulls. Well, maybe not. I'm not exactly "dying" to have a chat about the Grim Reaper and friends. Still, there is no denying our collective fascination with all things macabre, which skulls decidedly are. Honestly, though? The entire "skull craze" has left me in a creepy fog.

Pyrite Skull

It's not that I've zapped them into unconscious oblivion. When summer fades away, the communal switch flips on and suddenly it's perfectly normal to dizzily jump into the supernatural with both feet flying. Not just normal, we can't wait to haul out the scariest, hairiest and most grotesque creatures we can conjure up, including…. yes ...the dreaded skulls! After all, it's Halloween!

Skull Duo in Smoky Quartz Sculpture
And so it is each year, like clockwork, the Danse Macabre begins. Spooks, goblins, ghouls, ghosts….and skulls come out of dark places to prance through their own Hallowed Eve of ultimate revelry.
Spooky Holloween
Then suddenly, as the new day dawns, Halloween night is over. We pack away our monsters. Our skulls, too. They revert back to just being repulsive.
Unakite Carved Skull
So imagine my consternation as I noticed that carved skulls were cropping up big-time in the rock and mineral world! As these carvings began to invade "my world", a general uneasiness was taking hold. Being in "the biz", wasn't I supposed to like (or at least appreciate) all things rock-like? Overnight, it seemed I was bombarded. Cadaverous faces glared back at me from all my favorite rock shops, gem and mineral shows, gift shops - even lurking in my favorite clothing and grocery stores. Skulls were skulking everywhere I was!
Labradorite Skull Carving
What was I missing? Apparently, on some nebulous level, I had decided to find out. Because as I cruised through our crystal inventory recently, I was shocked at the number of skulls grinning loudly back at me (I swear I could hear their evil smiles). Really? This had to be my doing. But why? I don't even like skulls!

Okay. It was time to switch tactics. I had to know. Exactly what IS it about skulls that other folks find so mesmerizing? There had to be more than dire doom here. So began my little research project. To my surprise, I discovered many positive spins on the skull front, and they sounded pretty good!

**For instance, in some societies, the skull is considered a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, the seat of power, or the house of the soul. Okay, I can go for that! Couldn't help but wonder, however, if this holds true for the contemporary Skull and Bones Society, a secretive Yale brotherhood of which both George Bushes and John Kerry are members!
Cartoon Pumpkin
**In Mexico, Sugar Skulls play an important role in the annual Day of the Dead holiday. Although a remembrance of those who have died, it is not meant to be a sad gathering, but a festive, celebratory one.
Mexican Sugar Skulls
**Check out this one. A friend informed me the other day that passionate car/biker types use carved skulls for gear shift knobs! Has anyone tried drawer handles? How about paperweights? Door Stops?

**But perhaps the most fascinating of all? The Legend of the 13 Quartz Crystal Skulls!
Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull Carving
It's true that Quartz Crystal Skulls are produced by the thousands today in Brazil, China and Germany (not to mention the countless skulls carved out of other rocks and minerals). But only the famed 13 Crystal Skulls have captured such intense interest among archaeologists, scientists, metaphysicians and museum authorities.
Crystal Skull
Crystal Skull
These would be the 13 Quartz Crystal Skulls believed to have been carved tens of thousands of years ago in ancient Mesoamerica, Atlantis, Lemuria, or the Extraterrestrial-visited Aztec civilization. According to legend, 12 skulls were programmed with knowledge said to be vital to the future survival and evolution of the human species, the 13th programmed as a Master Crystal. All 13 are required to be unearthed and reunited before their secrets will be revealed.

A few of these crystal skulls have reportedly been discovered and are in private collections today. Myth or reality? Maybe the "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls" movie will help you decide!
Volcanic Lava Skull
**One last thought? How about that totally novel idea that sometimes a skull is just a skull? Although enigmatic, it doesn't symbolize anything whatsoever!

You be the judge!

And so ends my random musings on a somewhat controversial topic. After tossing the subject around in my mental/emotional/spiritual blender, I'm sensing a sort of synergy that I hadn't noticed before. Overall, they are still not gorgeous to me, but not quite so ghoulish, either. Would you believe I have actually taken a liking to one or two? (only the cute ones, though!) So onward to us all, and I wish you good luck with your own personal "skullish" adventures!

-- By the way, as promised in our last newsletter, the results of the Himalayan Salt Lamp query are in! Comments ranged from "I love 'em" to "I have them everywhere" to "I like how they look, but don't know if they *do* anything". It was an overwhelmingly positive response! --
One last note:
As always, Chris and I extend our sincere gratitude to each of you for your continued support. Without you, we would have no appreciative audience with which to share our planet's beautiful gemrocks, crystals….and even those questionable skull carvings. Thank you for being a part of our spirited network!

Happy All Saints Day!
Kathy & Chris

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