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June 22nd 2017
TGQ NewsFlash Vol. 7

Rocks, Minerals …….. and "FREE"?

It's arrived! Summer, that is. And so have thoughts of sunny rock-country treks, pickax in hand and visions of shouting Eureka! on the Discovery Channel with my never-before-discovered specimen which would, of course, be named after me! ☺

Okay, it's just a dream (heavy sigh). In the real world, it's the true rockhounders who never fail to tempt me with their delectable new finds, like this lengthy Citrine Nodule, awesome Smoky Quartz Starburst, or Amethyst Geode with reversed colors!
Long Citrine Nodule

Smoky Quartz Starburst Cluster

Amethyst Quartz (Reverse) Geode

Even so, the weather is warm, the air is buzzing with energy, and so is my eternal quest for interesting "rock-like" activities. Making a stab at "responsible", this time I tossed a cost-conscious twist into the mix. Which then morphed into: who doesn't like FREE? Well, in about 15 minutes of web surfing, I was able to unearth several FREE and almost-free offers! Imagine what YOU could dig up with just a bit more effort!

For instance. Did you know there are denizens of locations for recreational rockhounding that are ... drum roll ... FREE-USE? Likely areas would be on BLM and USFS federally-held public lands. And most States have areas open for collecting, too. Just as fun are certain private locations that run open dig sites for the public, both Fee and FREE! How cool is that? DO check out the end of this Newsletter for several great "where-to websites" you won't want to miss.
Gemstone Cutting
Perhaps you enjoy the challenge of your own lapidary work, but would rather skip all the travel and dirt digging. Take a look at this! I've enclosed a link to a fun mail-order company who will mail your purchased, unfinished rock or gemstone order, and include FREE items with each order! (see #1 at end)
Chrysocolla Pendant

Malachite/Azurite Bracelet
Do you love gardening/landscaping? I've found a very helpful link on how to get FREE rocks for your garden (see #2 below).

Or maybe your idea of communing with gemrocks is to lounge by the backyard rock garden with a favorite book or electronic device. How about adding a "rock and mineral" book to your R & R? Check out "" for an interesting educational eBook that you can download for FREE (see #3 at end). Need a cool website for kids? #4. And for the avid web surfer, #5 is jam-packed with detailed gem and mineral info - all FREE!

It could be that your idea of gemrock nirvana is to simply wear them, like this beautiful Sterling Silver and Gemstone Pendant!
3-Gemstone Labyrinth Pendant
Sorry, the pendant isn't free. ☺ But I can share a website link that advertises a FREE birthstone! (#6) And another site that offers a one-month-FREE jewelry offer with a membership. (#7) Charts for measuring gemstones, and a finger-size measuring device are available, too... totally FREE! (#8) If you would like to know which gemstones are best for your astrological chart, that too can be downloaded…..again, for FREE! (#9)

Are faceted gemstones your passion? The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a fabulous resource for classes and Gemologist certifications (I'm a big fan), but there IS a cost. But... here's even more good news! Check out the link below for "23 Amazing Sites for Free Gemology Courses and Resources" ... all FREE! (#10)
Healing Nature Woods
Now if all this activity is beginning to sound like a lot of work, I've got that covered, too! Ever heard of "shinrin-yoku"? Japan's tradition of Forest Bathing is simply a leisurely walk in the woods! The healing benefits may have much to do with the color green and breathing the forest air, but there is plenty of scientific evidence to back up the claims of lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone "cortisol". One does not have to hike, dig, shovel, haul, read, study or otherwise expend any energy. One simply unplugs. Best of all? Yep, it's FREE! By the way, what an exceptional way to enjoy the full solar eclipse on August 21st!
Okay, has anyone made it this far through the newsletter?

Then here is your reward! ☺
With every order placed by the end of July, I will include -- FREE - a cute little LED color-rotating lighted display stand (retail value $20.00)!
OH, by the way ... please accept our huge Thank You to all who were so very patient during our recent website downtime. Don't forget to bookmark The Gem Quarry as one of your favorites!
As always, our gratitude is boundless to all the fantastic customers who have made The Gem Quarry what it is today. Thank you all so very much!

A Spectacular Summer to Everyone!
Kathy & Chris

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