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December 6nd 2017
TGQ NewsFlash Vol. 8

...and welcome once again to The Gem Quarry! For fun, let's begin by picturing this scene:

You are wild with anticipation as you wait for the final unwrapping of your gift, the one you spent hours searching the web to find, the perfect gemrock item for that discriminating person who is so difficult to surprise.

But this year you know you nailed it!

You can't wait to see the ecstatic expression when your sparkly, crystalline gift is finally revealed. The air is electric as you wait for the kudos sure to come, the recognition of your creative genius in gift selection.

And finally, the wait is over! Your giftee is delighted! You are a Rock Star!
But all too soon, it's time to put that rock somewhere. Then suddenly, reality hits. Oh No! You forgot to include a STAND!
Don't get caught in this situation! Let The Gem Quarry assist with a few easy and affordable display stand venues that will totally make you (and your rock/mineral/crystal) look even more spectacular. Remember, help is just a click away!

For example, how about adding one of these beautiful hand-carved Shan Mu Wood Display Stands?
Shan Mu Display Stand - Medium
Shan Mu Display Stand - Small
Shan Mu Display Stand - Large
Or maybe a timeless 100% Quartz or Fluorite Display Stand?
Clear Quart Crystal Display Stand
Fluorite Display Stand
Smoky Quartz Crystal Display Stand
Take a look at these awesome Metal Display Stands made of Recycled Solder!
Large Crescent Man-In-The-Moon Display Stand
Medium Crescent Man-In-The-Moon Display Stand
Medium Crescent Man-In-The-Moon Display Stand
Of course, you're already aware of our signature Marble or Sandstone Lighted Display Stands:
But you haven't yet seen the brand new, second generation of these signature stands! Check out these fabulous Sandstone or Slate Double-Lighted Display Stands!
Rainbow Sandstone Double-Lighted Display Stand
Rainbow Sandstone Double-Lighted Display Stand
Black Slate Double-Lighted Display Stand
Black Slate Double-Lighted Display Stand
This year there's no excuse for being caught with your special gift "all wrapped up with nowhere to go"! Avoid that embarrassing dilemma --- say "yes" to a display stand! You'll instantly turn an already amazing gemrock into an eye-popping one!

As Christmas fast approaches, Chris and I hope we have been able to share an enlightening idea or two that will help your holiday season shine even brighter. Good cheer to all, and happy gifting!
As always, our gratitude is boundless to all the fantastic customers who have made The Gem Quarry what it is today. Thank you all so very much!

Your friends,
Kathy & Chris

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P.S. Are you a last-minute shopper? Click on this link (a prior newsletter) for quick and easy DIY display stand options that just may bail you out in the nick of time!
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