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**SOLD**Citrine Point w/Black Rutile Needles

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** It's a Trans-Channeling DOW Crystal, too! A beautiful shade of light yellow Citrine, this bright, cheery Quartz Point is  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL182
$114.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Chrysocolla Polished Rock

**$260.00** Lively and Large! Yes, this knock-out Chrysocolla is a luxury rock, one for the epicurean taste in magnificent gemrocks! Peruvian  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL320
$260.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Large Malachite

**$438.00** Magnificent Natural Sculpture! Over 17 lbs. of pure, unadulterated Malachite have formed into a unique, one-of-a-kind miracle of nature!  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL315
$438.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Lepidolite/Mica Cluster

**$252.00** Lepidolite Luxury in Lavender! Who isn't captivated by the flashy iridescence of Lithium-rich Mica? Well, this sizeable Cluster flashes  ...more info

  • Model: MC530
$252.00 USD
In Stock: 1