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Clear Cathedral Quartz

**$918.00** A Stunning Phantasm in Quartz! And yes, a Lemurian treasure, too! Physically, this Quartz rock is breathtaking. And it's gemmy, gemmy,  ...more info

  • Model: CQ348
$918.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Clear Quartz Pyramid w/Rutile

**$260.00** Pyramid Power! Pyramids don't often appear with the high degree of clarity showing in this little sparkler. But this

  • Model: CQPOL296
$260.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Clear Quartz Recordkeeper Point on Shard

**$288.00** Stunning Quartz Point! A+ clarity highlights the interior of this highly transparent, water-clear Quartz, with just enough inclusionary  ...more info

  • Model: CQ166
$288.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Lemurian Laser Quartz Cluster

**$565.00** Check this out! Not just one, but an entire earth-natural Cluster of Luminous Laser Points rests on a no-matrix, 100% Quartz base! Even  ...more info

  • Model: CQ391
$565.00 USD
In Stock: 1