Quartz Clusters: SM-MED

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**Citrine/Clear Quartz Crystals on Stand**

A DT (double-terminated) Citrine Crystal takes the high spot on this 2-crystal arrangement, with a single-terminated Clear Quartz Crystal right below. Both rest on a rustic, black metal stand, but can easily be picked up for use as handhelds or pocket rocks. This dynamic duo is a perfect balance of ... more info

$54.00 USD

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Clear Quartz DT Window Cluster

Double-Terminated Diva! This charismatic Quartz Cluster is loaded with talent! From frosty white inclusions to A++ clarity, this smaller Quartz piece simply vibrates with energy! Rather than photographing each feature, I'll tell you about them instead -- and leave the discovery adventure to you! To ... more info

$143.00 USD

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