Quartz Clusters: SM-MED

Clear Quartz ET Crystal w/Stand

**$56.00** Check out this Clear Quartz Crystal! Not only will you find piggybacked DT (double-terminated) points here, but one end is a fantastic ET formation! An ET crystal has a single termination on one end, and many terminations on the other. And this piece has too many terminations to count! ....more info

$56.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Golden Healer Cluster

**$65.00** A Burr Cluster, Too! Crystals all around define this cute Burr Cluster from the Collier Creek area of Arkansas. And so does the light yellow Iron Oxide tint that permeates this no-matrix-rock beauty, IDing it as a Golden Healer Quartz! One perfectly formed DT (double-terminated) crystal ....more info

$65.00 USD
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Clear Quartz High Clarity Point Cluster

It's a Time Link Crystal, Too! Front and center is the super clear, super fabulous Clear Quartz centerpiece crystal that is totally water clear! Of course the Time Link Facet (right-leaning parallelogram) only adds to the overall mystique...??? (see Crystal Glossary for more info). Anyway, this ....more info

$49.00 USD
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