Quartz Clusters: SM-MED

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Aqua Green Aura Quartz Cluster

Aqua Aura with a Twist! Beautiful rainbow iridescence identifies this super Clear Quartz Cluster as a community of colorful Aura Crystals . Of course the stunning color is due to the permanent bonding of 24k Gold onto the surface of this attractive Quartz Cluster. But this time, the Green palette ... more info

$108.00 USD

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Clear Quartz DT Window Cluster

Double-Terminated Diva! This charismatic Quartz Cluster is loaded with talent! From frosty white inclusions to A++ clarity, this smaller Quartz piece simply vibrates with energy! Rather than photographing each feature, I'll tell you about them instead -- and leave the discovery adventure to you! To ... more info

$143.00 USD

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Clear Quartz Golden Healer Mini-Cluster

This Clear Quartz Beauty is Loaded! Not only is this petite cluster shaped in the coveted starburst formation, the presence of yellow Iron Oxide identifies this one as a Golden Healer. And you won't believe what you will discover on these crystals! You'll spy a Time Link Facet, 7-sided Face Facet ... more info

$55.00 USD

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Clear Quartz High Clarity Point Cluster

It's a Time Link Crystal, Too! Front and center is the super clear, super fabulous Clear Quartz centerpiece crystal that is totally water clear! Of course the Time Link Facet (right-leaning parallelogram) only adds to the overall mystique...??? (see Crystal Glossary for more info). Anyway, this ... more info

$49.00 USD

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Lilac Aura Time Link Quartz Cluster

A relative newcomer on the Aura scene, this strikingly attractive mini-Quartz Cluster shows off the prettiest shade of lilac ever! With its softly-infused iridescence and several tall, water-clear crystals, this diminutive beauty is a show-stopper! Add to that a tiny Time Link Facet, and voila'! ... more info

$54.00 USD

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Mystery Box!

Mystery Box in Quartz! Okay, it won't be a total mystery because I'm revealing that inside your package will be 3 fabulous Clear Quartz Clusters that will "make your day"! When you open your box, your eyes will light up with the radiance of totally unique, totally gorgeous small-to-medium sized ... more info

$99.00 USD

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