Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

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Clear Quartz Laser Point Cluster

**$280.00** A Beautifully Sparkled Clear Quartz Cluster that is scenic from any vantage! Crazy Quartz crystals smother one elongated surface with brilliant points jutting every which way. One end even sports a jaw-like formation with crystal "teeth" meeting in a double-decker sort of way. The best ....more info

$280.00 USD
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Lemurian Laser Quartz Cluster

Check this out! Not just one, but an entire earth-natural Cluster of Luminous Laser Points rests on a no-matrix, 100% Quartz base! Even though Laser Crystals are not usually sought after for their physical beauty, pristine, high-clarity interiors and attractive natural exteriors are the norm in ....more info

$565.00 USD
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Quartz & Black Tourmaline Natural

**$92.00** Patio Perfection! Here's a natural rock specimen in the beautifully contrasting colors of black and white. Straight needles of Black Tourmaline score one side of this clean, pristine hunk of White Quartz; the other side is an aggregate form of the same Black Tourmaline. As a landscape ....more info

$92.00 USD
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