Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

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**SOLD**Large Clear Quartz Cave Cluster

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Crystals, Crystals, Crystals! This incredible Clear Quartz Cluster (a coveted Burr Cluster with 360 degree of crystals when resting upright) is smothered in denizens of high-quality, extra-clear crystal points in a random rockscape that shouts "WOW"! Crystals, in fact, ... more info

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XL Clear Quartz Cluster w/Matrix Cave

Burr Cluster, Too! When resting upright, this wild and wacky Cluster sports crystal points everywhere: 360 degrees of radiant surface crystals! Frosty Quartz and higher clarity Quartz intermingle with matrix rock in an artful combo that somehow defies description! Tiny druzy crystals bring plenty ... more info

$302.00 USD

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