Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

Clear Quartz Laser Point Cluster

**$280.00** A Beautifully Sparkled Clear Quartz Cluster that is scenic from any vantage! Crazy Quartz crystals smother one elongated surface with brilliant points jutting every which way. One end even sports a jaw-like formation with crystal "teeth" meeting in a double-decker sort of way. The best ....more info

$280.00 USD
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XL Clear Quartz Cluster w/Matrix Cave

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Burr Cluster, Too! When resting upright, this wild and wacky Cluster sports crystal points everywhere: 360 degrees of radiant surface crystals! Frosty Quartz and higher clarity Quartz intermingle with matrix rock in an artful combo that somehow defies description! Tiny ....more info

$302.00 USD
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XXL Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand

Monster Quartz! At over 31 lbs. , this Clear Quartz Cluster is King! He's totally out-of-the-ground natural (except for cleaning), meaning no polish, no faceting, no sculpting. Just 100% pure Quartz, with no matrix rock or companion minerals. There ARE traces of Iron on the base surfaces, but they ....more info

$2,683.00 USD
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