Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

XL Clear Quartz Cluster w/Matrix Cave

Burr Cluster, Too! When resting upright, this wild and wacky Cluster sports crystal points everywhere: 360 degrees of radiant surface crystals! Frosty Quartz and higher clarity Quartz intermingle with matrix rock in an artful combo that somehow defies description! Tiny druzy crystals bring plenty ....more info

$302.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Golden Healer Cluster

A Forest of Crystal Trees! Check out this spirited Quartz Cluster, blanketed with a myriad of upright crystal points on an elongated base of 100% frosty Quartz! Crystals range from large to small, clear to frosty, and rest on a totally non-matrix base. As always with out-of-the-ground clusters, ....more info

$349.00 USD
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XXL Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand

Monster Quartz! At over 31 lbs. , this Clear Quartz Cluster is King! He's totally out-of-the-ground natural (except for cleaning), meaning no polish, no faceting, no sculpting. Just 100% pure Quartz, with no matrix rock or companion minerals. There ARE traces of Iron on the base surfaces, but they ....more info

$2,683.00 USD
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