Quartz Clusters : LG-XL

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Clear Quartz Laser Point Cluster

**$280.00** A Beautifully Sparkled Clear Quartz Cluster that is scenic from any vantage! Crazy Quartz crystals smother one elongated surface with brilliant points jutting every which way. One end even sports a jaw-like formation with crystal "teeth" meeting in a double-decker sort of way. The best ....more info

$280.00 USD
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Large Golden Solaris Quartz Cluster

**$577.00** And a Record Keeper, Too! If you are not familiar with Solaris Quartz, you are in for a treat! Simply put, this spectacular Cluster is Clear Quartz with an outer, nanometer-thin coating of Metallic Oxide (permanent, will not rub off). Orangy-yellow in color, it is this matte-like sheen ....more info

$577.00 USD
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XL Clear Quartz Golden Healer Burr

** $535.00** A Superb Clear Quartz Burr! Take a good look at this over-sized Quartz Cluster - 15 lbs. worth of solid Quartz! True to its name of "Burr" Cluster, Clear Quartz crystals spring out in every direction, including top, bottom and around the sides, for a fabulous 360 degree view of nothing ....more info

$535.00 USD
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XXL Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand

Monster Quartz! At over 31 lbs. , this Clear Quartz Cluster is King! He's totally out-of-the-ground natural (except for cleaning), meaning no polish, no faceting, no sculpting. Just 100% pure Quartz, with no matrix rock or companion minerals. There ARE traces of Iron on the base surfaces, but they ....more info

$2,683.00 USD
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