Quartz Clusters: MED-LG

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**SOLD**Clear Quartz "Tantric Twin" Crystals

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** Unique & Beautiful! Comprised of two large Points, this unusual crystal is nicknamed "Tantric Twin" , meaning two crystals share a common base but have two separate and distinct terminations. Because of their joining, these crystals share top face facets on two sides ....more info

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Clear Quartz on Matrix

With a DT Crystal, Too! There's just a bunch of interesting crystal architecture in this decorative Cluster, including a beautifully-formed double-terminated crystal, sparkly druzy crystals, hints of orangey iron oxide, and dots of Green Chlorite inclusions in the largest crystal. Even the light ....more info

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Clear Quartz Recordkeeper Point on Shard

Stunning Quartz Point! A+ clarity highlights the interior of this highly transparent, water-clear Quartz, with just enough inclusionary activity to produce a bit of pretty rainbow color. Dots of Red Hematite (Iron) and Black Hematite (?) off to one side add even more visual interest to this light, ....more info

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Diamantina Laser Crystal Cluster

**$180.00** TIME LINK CRYSTAL, TOO! The famed Diamantina Mine has become synonymous with the finest Laser Crystals in the world. And this Laser Cluster is no exception! For the unfamiliar, Laser Crystals are identified by either sharp, 3-sided top terminations or slightly rounded (finger/thumb) ....more info

$180.00 USD
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Green Quartz & Chromium Cluster

**$205.00** Beautiful Clear Quartz Cluster - in Green! This nicely configured Quartz Cluster, while naturally Clear Quartz in nature, has the additional distinction of also undergoing a man-made hydro-thermal procedure to produce the dark forest green colors that you now see. Water, high pressures, ....more info

$205.00 USD
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Spirit Quartz Cluster

**$346.00** AKA Cactus Quartz (and even Pineapple Quartz), this sparkly specimen is clean and pristine! Each distinctly rounded nodule is actually an inner core of Quartz blanketed by denizens of tiny sharp points, the end result bearing a definite resemblance to cactus. But instead of prickling, ....more info

$346.00 USD
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Titanium Quartz Wall Hanging

Titanium Quartz Cluster with a Twist! Yes, our favorite colorful Quartz is now not only available as a beautiful table cluster, but as a stunning wall hanging as well - both in the same piece! But let's back up a bit. For those not familiar, the gemrock underneath this flashy phalanx of color is ....more info

$625.00 USD
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