Quartz Clusters: MED-LG

Clear Quartz on Matrix

With a DT Crystal, Too! There's just a bunch of interesting crystal architecture in this decorative Cluster, including a beautifully-formed double-terminated crystal, sparkly druzy crystals, hints of orangey iron oxide, and dots of Green Chlorite inclusions in the largest crystal. Even the light ....more info

$50.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Recordkeeper Point on Shard

Stunning Quartz Point! A+ clarity highlights the interior of this highly transparent, water-clear Quartz, with just enough inclusionary activity to produce a bit of pretty rainbow color. Dots of Red Hematite (Iron) and Black Hematite (?) off to one side add even more visual interest to this light, ....more info

$288.00 USD
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Green Quartz & Chromium Cluster

**$205.00** Beautiful Clear Quartz Cluster - in Green! This nicely configured Quartz Cluster, while naturally Clear Quartz in nature, has the additional distinction of also undergoing a man-made hydro-thermal procedure to produce the dark forest green colors that you now see. Water, high pressures, ....more info

$205.00 USD
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Titanium Quartz Wall Hanging

Titanium Quartz Cluster with a Twist! Yes, our favorite colorful Quartz is now not only available as a beautiful table cluster, but as a stunning wall hanging as well - both in the same piece! But let's back up a bit. For those not familiar, the gemrock underneath this flashy phalanx of color is ....more info

$625.00 USD
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