Lemurian Treasures

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**SOLD**Lemurian Channeling Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Clear Quartz Brilliance! A 7-sided face facet with a triangle directly opposite is the clear give-away ID of a Channeling Crystal; but personally, I suspect this crystal personality to be so much more! From a Lemurian Mine in Brazil, this high-clarity, high-quality Clear ... more info

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Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull Carving

A Stunning Skull Sculpture, carved from an extraordinary specimen of Clear Quartz was unearthed from one of the premier Lemurian mines in Brazil . This enigmatic Skull leaves no doubt that it was created to leave an electrifying impression on anyone within its sphere of influence. And what a ... more info

$1,295.00 USD

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XL Lemurian/Diamantina Soul Mate Twin Crystal

You will not believe your eyes when you gaze at this one-of-its-kind Laser Lemurian Masterpiece from the Diamantina Mine in Brazil. It took 4 months to convince a Diamantina miner to part with this spectacular piece from his 7-year old collection of premium quality specimens, discovered and set ... more info

$3,400.00 USD

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