Lighted Displays

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**SOLD**Large Elestiated Tabby Quartz on Lighted Stand

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Spectacular Tabular Quartz! Extreme in both size and shape, this incomparable Tabby (flat, with 2 opposite sides twice-or-more the width of its other sides) is smokin' hot and one-of-a-kind! Ensconced atop a colorful metal stand (permanently attached), this highly ... more info

$1,850.00 USD

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Clear Phantom Quartz Tower & Lighted Fluorite Base

Light Up Your Life with this Statuesque Sculpture of High-Powered Clear Quartz and Fabulous Fluorite! Soothing cool shades of luscious green dominate the carved Fluorite base that houses a CLEAR LED light unit (with cord and toggle switch). For the curious: Fluorite, commonly known as the "mental" ... more info

$900.00 USD

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Clear Quartz w/Lighted Rose Quartz Base

Feel the Love radiate from this detachable 3-pc. Lighted Quartz Set, complete with high-quality transparent clear quartz crystal tower, custom-carved rose quartz base, and CLEAR LED light source with cord and toggle switch. Look for outstanding colorful rainbows in the high-clarity quartz point ... more info

$825.00 USD

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Free-Form Pillar of Salt! From deep within the Himalayan Mountains comes this hand-mined tower of what is considered to be the purest form of salt on earth ! The negative ions produced from the lamp counteract the positive ions created by electronic gadgets, etc., thereby creating a balanced, ... more info

$25.00 USD

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Bowl

This attractive Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Bowl, carved out of a solid piece of Himalayan Salt, is both decorative and functional. Filled with even more crystallized sea salt from deep within the Himalayas, this salt is thought to be pollution-free and the purist form of salt presently on our planet ... more info

$39.00 USD

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Himalayan Pink Salt Pyramid Lamp

Hand-mined in the Pakistan region of the Himalayan Mountains, this pyramid-shaped Salt Lamp is, when turned on, a great negative ion producer and perfect balance to the positive ions emitted daily by electronic equipment such as TVs and computers. (more details can be found in our March 2016 ... more info

$39.00 USD

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XXL Custom Quartz on Lighted Marble Stand

STUNNING ONE-OF-A-KIND CUSTOM QUARTZ ART PIECE! A natural clear quartz cluster is the star of this magnificent 2-piece display composition. Its frosty white quartz base transforms into totally transparent tips, replete with colorful rainbows and absolutely no extra matrix rock. Designed to showcase ... more info

$4,500.00 USD

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