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Amethyst Geode Cut-Out Sphere

NOT your Average Amethyst Sphere! This Quartz is actually a geode section formed into a sphere instead of the more common slab shape. It's the wide-mouth cavity with hundreds of dark purple crystal "teeth" that is the initial attention-grabber. But there are other cool features, too. One side shows ... more info

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Amethyst Nodule w/Stand

**$494.00** Amazing Amethyst from Uruguay! Smothered in gorgeous purple crystals, this Amethyst Quartz Nodule (or super-sized porcupine, as I like to call it) is a perfect specimen for demonstrating natural earth art and an upscale art presence, concurrently! It's all here: brilliant Amethyst ... more info

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Amethyst Quartz Burr w/Stand

Spectacular Amethyst Geode Art! Have you been searching for a spectacular Amethyst specimen that is equal parts stunning gemrock AND "oh wow" statement art, too? One with the powerful magnetism of "the big Amethyst boys" without the extra size and weight? This one-of-a-kind, table/shelf-sized ... more info

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Amethyst/Calcite w/Two Stands

Artsy Amethyst! Solo, this chunk of large-point, dark purple Amethyst Geode topped with large-point Calcite crystals is simply awesome! In fact, these super-sized Calcite crystals are among the very best to be found with a high degree of clarity and hints of rainbow, too. But add to that an ... more info

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Black Amethyst Stalactite Geode

"Black Amethyst" is the name of a 2012 find in Uruguay, where a treasure trove of Black Amethyst was unearthed, to everyone's delight! Purple Amethyst Quartz, White Quartz and Hematite (possibly Nickel, too), have merged to create denizens of lovely white, lavender and black-hued stalactites that ... more info

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