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**SOLD**Amethyst Nodule w/Stand

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Amazing Amethyst from Uruguay! Smothered in gorgeous purple crystals, this Amethyst Quartz Nodule (or super-sized porcupine, as I like to call it) is a perfect specimen for demonstrating natural earth art and an upscale art presence, concurrently! It's all here: ....more info

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Amethyst Flower on Stand

Pretty Amethyst Quartz Decor'! Amethyst Flowers are 100% Amethyst Quartz , but that's where resemblance to their large Amethyst Geode cousins stops. Although Geodes and Flowers are both buried deep in Basalt, it is easy to imagine the extra care and tedious workmanship that is required to unearth a ....more info

$205.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz & Calcite Cluster

**$407.00** Wow! What a Combo! A remarkable cluster, this singular specimen is like a "reverse negative" of the usual Amethyst Cluster dotted with Calcite crystals. THIS time, gorgeous purple Amethyst crystals are surrounded by a spectacular "bowl" of white Calcite! All-natural Calcite crystals ....more info

$407.00 USD
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Grape Agate on Driftwood

Intriguing Rockscape Sculpture! Resplendent in lavender purple, this Grape Agate showpiece hails from Mamuju, Sulawesi, Indonesia, and more recently from the private collection of Anissa Tai. Grape Agate is a relatively new find (2016 or so), and mineral experts are still debating exactly what to ....more info

$547.00 USD
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