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3-Gemstone Labyrinth Pendant

Follow the winding road of shining Sterling Silver and view 3 beautiful gemstones: deep red Garnet , sultry dark Smoky Quartz , and invigorating orangey Citrine Quartz! You may have heard of the health benefits (physical and mental) of moving through a labyrinth path. Wear this gorgeous Gemstone ... more info

$88.00 USD

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A+ Gem-Quality Citrine DT Quartz Sculpture on Stand

A Sculpture as Clear as Glass- but it isn't! It's hard to wrap a mind around the fact that this extraordinary Citrine Quartz actually lived within our planet's interior. Out of the dirt and rock surroundings came this 100% pure, unadulterated Citrine - a simple rock, a mineral, but present in its ... more info

$680.00 USD

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Chrysocolla Pendant

Intricate 14K Gold-Filled Wire Wrap surrounds this stunning cabochon of Chrysocolla, polished to show off the sky blue colors of Chrysocolla, Malachite green, and the barest hint of deep blue Azurite. Wear this beautiful representative of the earth and sky to connect with the best of our planet! ... more info

$54.00 USD

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Clear Selenite on Flower Amethyst

Clear Selenite and Amethyst in a most unique and unusual composite! A gorgeous transparent slice of Selenite has been paired with a Flower Amethyst geode base that is highlighted by tiny Amethyst crystals and green Chlorite. Its thin geode cover piece even has a hat-like appearance! Natural ... more info

$473.00 USD

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Copper Ore Clock

Decorative and functional, this fancy metallic timepiece will be the talk of all who catch a glimpse of this unique Raw Copper Ore Slab with embedded Clock . With a polished Copper face and natural Copper backside , this piece will appeal to those who love the shiny, finished look of Copper and to ... more info

$95.00 USD

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Malachite/Azurite Bracelet

Blue, Green and Gold Dazzler! Attractive round and cylindrical Malachite and Azurite beads are set atop this artisan-created bracelet of 14k gold-filled wire wrap . This custom-made metallic bracelet was intricately hand-woven to 7" around and attaches with a tension hook. It's super easy to put on ... more info

$61.00 USD

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Mini-Geode Treasure Chest

A cute little mini-Agate Geode, cut into two pieces and displayed on a rustic wood base, exposes a myriad of sparkly druzy crystals to the light of day! Brazilians would call this a "Porta Joia" , Portuguese for jewelry box or case. To me, its a miniature treasure chest ! Imagine tiny trinkets ... more info

$94.00 USD

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Sandstone Sculpture w/Clear Quartz Sphere

Beautiful Sandstone and Stunning Clear Quartz pair up to present this elegant display of Sand and Quartz. Sandblasted to highlight nature's artistry, serpentine layers of earth-toned ribbons wend their way throughout the sculpted surfaces - a mesmerizing display! Red and Yellow Hematite add a ... more info

$128.00 USD

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