Smoky-Citrine-Champagne Quartz

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Smoky Quartz DT Burr

Double Terminated Diva! DT points abound in this Smoky Quartz landscape of crystals, crystals, and more crystals! In fact, the only "crystal-free" spot on this entire Burr is a thin line across the base! The largest point just happens to be a fabulous DT crystal, with a single termination on one ....more info

$390.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Time Link "Porcupine" Burr

I Love This Smoky - it seems so alive! And visions of porcupines appear each time I look at this phenomenal Smoky Quartz Burr. Loaded with spectacular mini-crystals all around, this Smoky specimen rests on a pretty, light-colored matrix pedestal. Note the little bottom shelf on one side, it too ....more info

$196.00 USD
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XL Champagne Time-Link Quartz Point

Rare Champagne Quartz! Somewhere between the sunny shades of Citrine and the smoldering shades of Smoky lies a beautiful ivory-like color referred to as "Champagne" . And here, in one of its rarest occurrences , you'll be amazed to see this unusual coloring saturating this spectacular, ....more info

$2,120.00 USD
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XL Smoky Quartz Cluster

Wowser! Check out this huge Smoky Quartz Gemrock from Arkansas! It's over 18 lbs. of pure Quartz, with no discernible matrix rock. Just a honkin' huge block of dark Smoky rock! Of course you'll see many pretty crystals (small to the quite large centerpiece point), with an attractive DT ....more info

$414.00 USD
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XL Tabular Smoky Quartz w/Stand

A Coveted Collectible! First, the fabulous interior. Inside you'll spy a few spidery inclusions, a bit of pretty iron-yellow Hematite within the base crystal, and what appears to be several diagonal Faden lines , also inside the base crystal (very cool). This and more is enclosed within a ....more info

$1,124.00 USD
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