Other Minerals & Fossils

Labradorite Slice

**$48.00** Flashy and Fantastic! Here's Labradorite at its best in stunning shades of electric blue, aqua green and gold. Striations of color shimmer across not just the polished front surface, but across the entire unpolished backside as well! With its unfinished "live" edges, this decorative rock ....more info

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**SALE PENDING**Tiger's Eye Natural/Polished Quartz

**SALE PENDING**I'll bet you didn't know this about Tiger's Eye Quartz: Tiger's Eye began life as Asbestos! But don't panic! In part 2 of this transformational journey, Crocidolite (a form of Asbestos), a blue mineral of iron and sodium) completely dissolves and begins its transformation into ....more info

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Bismuth Egg

**$74.00** Lab-Created Beauty! Bismuth IS a chemical element, and the stair-step hopper crystals you see DO occur in natural Bismuth. But it is rare! Which is exactly why a process was developed, in a lab, to replicate these strikingly attractive crystals. Now anyone can enjoy these beautiful ....more info

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Spanish Plume Agate

Picture Perfect Agate! Agates with inclusions are incredibly unique, and this Spanish Point Plume is no exception. Inclusions occur when metallic oxides are present when the Agate is formed, and Plume Agate has fluffy inclusions that resemble feathers, plants or flowers. This specimen displays a ....more info

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Tiger's Eye Wand

Phenomenal Tiger's Eye! This is one of those specimens that looks "melt-in-your-mouth" good! With the full range of Tiger's Eye colors visible -- yellows, oranges, browns and the blues of Hawk's Eye Crocidolite -- this delectable piece does look good enough to eat! Also, check out the hallmark ....more info

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Green Fluorite w/Quartz

Frosty Fluorite! Check out this luscious Quartz-Encrusted Green Fluorite Cluster - just one more of the many faces of Fluorite! A beautiful shade of green permeates the entire cluster which rests nicely on a contrasting gray matrix. Sugar-like Quartz crystals not only blanket the entire rockscape, ....more info

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Fluorite Slice

Fluorite Color Chameleon! Oh boy, does this Fluorite Slice ever change in the light! In a window, with a natural light backdrop, this Fluorite is a stunner! But even without a light source behind it, this gorgeous Fluorite is exactly the type of specimen you would want in your collection. ....more info

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Herkimer Diamonds in Matrix

Everyone's Favorite "Diamond in the Rough"! It's not really a diamond, of course, but a double-terminated (DT) Quartz crystal situated inside a rock cavity, exactly as it was found when unearthed. Found only in Herkimer, NY, these radiant crystals are so bright and pristine, their brilliance is ....more info

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A Unique Metallic Ore (the primary ore of Antimony) that produces some of the most outstanding natural crystals that exist in nature! Long and slender, these prismatic crystals are vertically striated and shine with an exceptional silver-gray luster. Note the flattened terminations and the partial ....more info

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Bismuth Set of 4

What's better than ONE fabulous Bismuth specimen? FOUR Bismuth specimens! Each of these individual pieces, created in an English lab, is replete with stairstep "hopper" crystals that have made Bismuth famous. That, along with the fantastically-intense colors that saturate each specimen, makes each ....more info

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