Other Minerals & Fossils

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Sardonyx Free-Form Sculpture

Look at the size of this 12-lb. Sardonyx! Polished to a "T", this colorful Chalcedony (combo of Sard and Onyx) is a WOW piece - much, much larger than the tumbled stones, gemstones and cameos that you usually see. One entire side is a most beautiful and vibrant dark green, and the other is in ... more info

$322.00 USD

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Spanish Plume Agate

Picture Perfect Agate! Agates with inclusions are incredibly unique, and this Spanish Point Plume is no exception. Inclusions occur when metallic oxides are present when the Agate is formed, and Plume Agate has fluffy inclusions that resemble feathers, plants or flowers. This specimen displays a ... more info

$80.00 USD

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Tiger's Eye Natural/Polished Quartz

I'll bet you didn't know this about Tiger's Eye Quartz: Tiger's Eye began life as Asbestos! But don't panic! In part 2 of this transformational journey, Crocidolite (a form of Asbestos), a blue mineral of iron and sodium) completely dissolves and begins its transformation into Quartz while ... more info

$70.00 USD

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Tiger's Eye Wand

Phenomenal Tiger's Eye! This is one of those specimens that looks "melt-in-your-mouth" good! With the full range of Tiger's Eye colors visible -- yellows, oranges, browns and the blues of Hawk's Eye Crocidolite -- this delectable piece does look good enough to eat! Also, check out the hallmark ... more info

$91.00 USD

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Wild Septarian Fossil Egg

A Magnificent Septarian Fossil! How did this unparalleled, egg-shaped "Shield of the Tortoise" come to be? Well, for inquiring minds out there: Septaria were formed during the Cretaceous Period, 50-70 million years ago when sea levels were much higher. Periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller ... more info

$192.00 USD

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XL Honeycomb Calcite

Stunning Calcite! Reminiscent of a mountain peak, this dazzling slice of yellow-orange Calcite has been masterfully cut into a tabular configuration with its own flat base. Although opaque in nature, a beautiful matte finish on one flat side gives off an almost luminous aura, while the irregular ... more info

$300.00 USD

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